Wills and Administrations; the riches of probate records (205)

Tutor: Karen Cummings

Wills are an often overlooked source of information for family history research. However, they can be the richest of documents, confirming family relationships, providing insight into social status and sometimes revealing multiple generations of one family. This course will take you step by step through the various probate documents available, such as wills, administrations and death duty registers, and explain the differences in the probate systems before and after 1858. You will learn how to search for wills and administrations, including practical examples, how to extract the most genealogically useful information and how to apply your findings to other family history research.

This course is currently being prepared and will next run in Spring 2017.

Lesson Headings:

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Relevant Countries: England, Wales

Course Length: 4 Weeks
Start Date:  Apr 2017
Unassessed Cost: £45.99
Assessed Cost: £61.00
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