Victorian Crime and Punishment- Courts, police and prisons (308)

Court records can provide a fascinating glimpse into the criminal lives our ancestors but crime is not the only topic covered in this course. There are records of juries, witnesses, licences for gamekeepers and peddlars plus records from the High Courts & Chancery where families squabble over inheritances and property. We also examine records of the new police force and the management of prisons. This course presents the background and the records, includes illustrations and case studies, and sets forth the best research methods, online and in archives. If your family tree lacks privileged ancestors it may have other well-documented ancestors - those who made their way into records of crime and punishment.


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STUDENTS SAID: "Liz has given another first-rate course. I am starting to appreciate how social history can help me understand my ancestors' lives and living conditions."

Relevant Countries: England and Wales

308 Victorian Crime and Punishment- Courts, police and prisons (308)
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23 Sep 2015
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5 weeks

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Start Date Available Soon
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