Researching Online for Advanced Genealogists (480)

This course is part of our Advanced Family History Skills and Strategies programme and will assume that you already have a good working knowledge of records and resources used in English and Welsh family history.

The internet is now an essential research environment for family history: many indexes to genealogical records are now available only online, and the internet provides access to a wealth of information and contacts for family historians. This course examines the main types of internet resource which are useful in carrying out research in English and Welsh family history and aims to improve your search skills so that you can be more confident with your search results.

You will discover the different types of internet resource useful for family history and appreciate their distinctive functions, their benefits and limitations. You will be introduced to a range of techniques for locating information both within genealogy sites and across the web. You will learn why it is so important to understand the differences between online indexes and the original records. Finally you will get to know the main resources for publishing and sharing pedigrees and your family history with others.

There is a set book for the course:

The Genealogists' Internet, by Peter Christian

Tutor: Peter Christian

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Relevant Countries: England and Wales

Course Length: 4 weeks
Start Date: 04 Mar 2020
Unassessed Cost: £62

Assessed Cost: £76

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