Church and Community, Selected records 1540 - 1800 (485)

This course is part of our Advanced programme, for further details please use the Enquire button below. The course builds on the knowledge you will already have gained about the parish and its records, both parish registers and records from the parish chest as well as records from the town, such as burgess rolls. It gives you the tools to understand the nature, jurisdictions and administrations under which different types of community existed in the past, and seeks to bring genealogy and local history closer together.

You will learn about the diocese and its records, including the church courts, how the early parish used tithes to provide for the clergy and the difficulties and pitfalls in tracing our early ancestors who migrated to towns. Example documents from early time periods will be analysed for their use to family historians.

There is a set book for this course: Angus Winchester, Discovering Parish Boundaries (Shire, 2000). Students should make sure that they have access to the book.

Tutor: Emma Jolly

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Relevant Countries: England and Wales

Course Length: 4 Weeks
Start Date:   2020
Unassessed Cost: £62 Start Date Available Soon
Assessed Cost: £76 Start Date Available Soon
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