Your Military Ancestors (224)

Just about everyone with British or Irish roots can find a soldier or sailor on their family tree. As a result, military records are some of the most used by genealogists. In addition, there are many sources which can provide background to flesh out your ancestor's forces service. This course guides students through sources at The National Archives, at local archives and military museums, and an increasing number of online resources. In particular we will consider the service records for both officers and other ranks that can provide vital genealogical facts and a wealth of helpful detail that can take your research back into the 18th century and help reveal the life of your military ancestors. The lessons cover what records exist, how to combine records to best effect, and what you can expect to discover about your military ancestors.

Tutor: Simon Fowler
  • British Army pre-1914
  • Royal Navy pre-1914
  • The two World Wars
  • Online resources

Each lesson includes exercises and activities; a minimum of 1 one-hour chat session per week. See How the Courses Work.

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Relevant Countries: England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Australia, New Zealand, Canada

Course Length: 4 Weeks
Start Date: 21 Apr 2020
Unassessed Cost: £45.99 Course Full
Assessed Cost: £61.00 Course Full
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