17th Century Sources (382)

Students completing this course will gain a broad understanding of the problems encountered when researching in 17th century records. They will be able to locate indexes and finding aids, document copies and transcripts, and original records. In addition, they will appreciate the research value and practical application of the information found. The course gives significant emphasis to local and regional differences within records as well as to historical context. For genealogists the 17th century presents new challenges. These are not discouraging - if anything, challenges add interest and enthusiasm to research. Historically it is a fascinating period, and genealogically some familiar records continue to be used so the research is not with entirely new material. Themes within the course include: the structure of a gentry dominated society, the records created by 17th century civil and ecclesiastical government, and the problems created by the "Commonwealth Gap". Sources for 17th century research are found in many formats, from original documents to print to microform to digital. This course presents 21st century techniques for finding ancestors in Stuart England and Wales and teaches record interpretation, analysis and planning.

Tutor: Stuart A. Raymond
  • Records of Birth, Marriage and Death: Registers, transcripts, visitations and more
  • Locating People Using 17th Century Lists
  • Church and Civil Court Records: including crime, disputes, land and probate
  • The Civil War and Commonwealth: Problems and possibilities for research

Each lesson includes exercise and activities and a minimum of 1 one hour chat session per week. See How the Courses Work.

Relevant Countries: England & Wales

Course Length: 4 weeks
Start Date:   2020
Unassessed Cost: £45.99 Start Date Available Soon
Assessed Cost: £61.00 Start Date Available Soon
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