Beginners Guide to Creating and Researching Your Family Tree Part One (020)

This course is Part One of a planned two-course introduction to genealogy research in England and Wales, designed for students who have recently started, or are thinking about researching their family history. It aims to provide you with the basic tools and know-how to start the researching and recording process in commonly used records and to quickly progress using resources available online.

The course focuses on genealogical knowledge, getting your methods right from the start and technological know-how, a combination which makes family history research easy and enjoyable. It is not just about building a tree, it aims to inspire, guide and equip you to enter the world of genealogy with confidence and a clear direction. The course is suitable for all beginners who have either English or Welsh ancestry.

The course introduces free websites and resources and no website subscriptions are necessary, although students may find they do wish to sign up to a family history website in order to progress their tree at the end of the course.

Lesson Headings:
  • Lesson One - Good Preparation, What Do You Already Know?
  • Lesson Two - Basic Records and Websites to get you Started
  • Lesson Three - Using the Census Online
  • Lesson Four - Birth and Baptism Records
  • Lesson Five - Marriage Records

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Relevant Countries: England & Wales

Course Length: Equivalent to 5 weeks
Start Date:   
Cost: £39.99
Course Full
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