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Foundations of Family History Part 2 - Next Steps (031)

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This course is the second part of the two-part Foundations of Family History course. The course builds on the basic skills that you developed in Part 1 (Getting Started) and which you need to ensure that your family tree research starts out on steady ground with your tree firmly planted in fact and not supposition. If you have not taken Part 1 you may like to take a look here: Foundations of Family History Part 1: Getting Started.

In Part 2 we will build on your methodology skills and add in two additional fundamental sources for family history research: parish registers and probate records. We will also give a special mention to death records, including certificates and registers and obituaries. We will end the course with some sound problem solving techniques that you can apply to your family history research.

At the end of this course (Part 2) you will be able to:

- Use parish registers as a source of genealogical information and understand why there are differences in the information contained at different times
- Understand the reasons why it is important to track down death records for your ancestors and carry out searches for death certificates, burials and obituaries
- Explain how the system for probate differed before and after 1858 and search for the will of someone who died after 1858
- Perform effective searches on key genealogy websites
- Implement some suggested problem-solving strategies to investigate research hurdles.

This Anytime course has been divided into four lessons. To give you an idea of timings, each lesson is roughly around the length of what we would cover in a week in one of our tutor-led courses. However, how quickly you progress through an Anytime course is up to you. If you have some free time, you will be able to work through the material more quickly, if you have a lot of other things going on, it may take you a little longer.

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Lesson Headings:
  • - Introduction to parish registers
  • - Deaths, burials and obituaries
  • - Getting started with wills and probate records
  • - Problem solving

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Course Length: Equivalent to 4 weeks
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Cost: £40.00

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