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Ireland - A Practical Approach to Family History (103)

Research into Irish Ancestors is considered particularly difficult because of the loss of some groups of records. The focus of this course is on records, the context of your own Irish research and creating practical strategies.

If you want to know whether you really can find your Irish origins, take the first steps, and assess the possibility of taking your research back 200 years or more, then this course is what you need.

Lesson Headings:
  • Lesson One - Then and Now: The Context of Your Search and Use of the Internet
  • Lesson Two - Civil Registration, Directories, Schools
  • Lesson Three - Land Valuations of the 1800s, Censuses and Lists
  • Lesson Four - Church Records and Probate
  • Lesson Five - In or Out of Work: Occupations and Poor Relief

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STUDENTS SAID: The amount of information is incredibly good - I tried to dabble in Irish genealogy by myself and found it very difficult to work out. Now I know what I am doing.

Relevant Countries: Ireland

Course Length: 5 lessons (around 5 weeks of study)
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Cost: £39.99

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