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Climbing Trees - How to inspire children with family history (110)

This course is written by a primary school teacher with a love of family history. It provides loads of practical activities, ideas, and guidance for passing along your knowledge and enthusiasm to children or grandchildren between the ages of 7 and 11.

Many children enjoy history at school and you can foster or awaken interest by adding a personal, family perspective. The lessons look at ways to make your family stories interesting and relevant, not only with respect to the context of past times but with some help from favourite fictional stories. The course looks at a wide range of material designed to excite children about their history and enable you, with them, to produce creative and colourful projects to treasure. The practical nature of the 'make and do' project suggestions will get children involved, designing, doing and problem solving. The course explores and evaluates the wealth of on-line material about people in the past aimed at children, as well as ways to digitally present and share your children's projects in a simple and easy way. The course also shows you how working with your children on a family history project can help them with their learning skills in school. During the course you consider how different children learn in different ways and each activity will show which particular skills are being used so you can cater your activities to the interests of your children. All activities include a simple list of resources needed before you embark on a project.

The course assumes that you have a basic grasp of genealogy websites and research, that you have gone some way to constructing your own tree, and ideally also have some family photographs to share.

Lesson Headings:
  • * Taking root, understanding the basics
  • * Climbing Trees at Home - Storytelling and online research
  • * Climbing Trees Further Afield: Make family history visits interesting
  • * Creating Branches: Using technology to create present and share your child's learning


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STUDENTS SAID "I very much appreciated the guidance and inspiration for creating slideshows and the helpful direction throughout the course to so many useful websites for children."

Relevant Countries: England

Course Length: 4 lessons (around 4 weeks of study)
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Cost: £40.00

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