The National Archives Website and Catalogue - Finding People (207)

Tutor: Guy Grannum

The National Archives' website and catalogues describe more than 20 million documents, and can lead you to information about individual ancestors.

UK Government records, held at The National Archives (TNA), are a leading resource for genealogists. These are the historical records of a nation through more than a thousand years. They include documents about all parts of the British Isles and all parts of the world where the government had its agents, colonial officials or military forces. Even if you cannot visit TNA in person, there is much to be gained from using TNA online. The lessons cover how to find the most genealogically valuable records and how to search for individuals. You learn what to do next, once you find an interesting listing, and how to discover useful background details about the records. The key to achieving this is navigation skill and you are shown how to navigate around the website. The emphasis is on remote access, how anyone, living anywhere, can make the most of The National Archives website and catalogues.

Lesson Headings:
  • An introduction to TNA's online resources
  • Using TNA's new Catalogue Discovery
  • Widening your search: TNA's other useful catalogues

Each lesson includes exercises and activities; a minimum of 1 one-hour chat session per week. See How the Courses Work.

STUDENTS SAID: "I enjoyed the group participation particularly. The course material was excellent." "It opened up new avenues of investigation within the website which I had not realised were there."

Relevant Countries: British Isles

This course is offered twice annually.

Course Length: 3 Weeks
Start Date:   2019
Cost: £34.99
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