The Parish; Officers Clergy and Records (312)

Tutor: Stuart A. Raymond

The records and accounts of the parish which were deposited in the parish chest, provide a huge amount of information that is likely to be useful in tracing your family history. From the reign of Elizabeth I the parish's role in local affairs expanded from the merely ecclesiastical to include many civil responsibilities that affected the lives of your ancestors. Parish officers - the churchwardens, overseers, constables, and highway surveyors - raised taxes, kept accounts and managed parish affairs including maintaining the church, providing relief to the poor, setting local rates, repairing roads, maintaining law and order, and operating schools. A tithe was paid by parishioners to help maintain the parish priest and has produced useful records and maps. You will discover fascinating records that allow you to identify your ancestors and their place in the social hierarchy. Integral to the records are the clergy themselves, and the final lesson looks at records and ways of tracing a clergyman in the family.

This course explains how to locate parish chest records, with other related records, describes indexes and finding aids, and discusses how to interpret and use search results. As a result you will build your family tree and expand your understanding of the parish and its day to day activities.

Lesson Headings:
  • The Parish, Parish Officers and Accounts
  • Tithe and Enclosure Records
  • Other Parish Records
  • Records of the Clergy

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Relevant Countries: England, Wales

Course Length: 4 weeks
Start Date:   2019
Cost: £45.99
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