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Migration within the British Isles (314)

Tutor: Karen Cummings

How often do we hit a stumbling block in our family history research when an ancestor appears in a parish and we have no clue where they came from? There can be many reasons for a missing baptism record. For example, we may not have studied the records as thoroughly as we thought, records may be missing, we may have missed alternative sources of information. Another possibility is that your ancestor came from elsewhere.

The good news is that seemingly unsolvable research problems may be resolved by studying causes and patterns of migration, both local and national, around the location where your genealogical trail stops.

Alternatively, perhaps you already know that you ancestor migrated from A to B and you are interested in learning about the likely motivation for that move.

This course introduces you to migration history and considers the study of migration patterns within the British Isles. We then move onto more local considerations - what are the factors influencing whether or not someone may have moved to or away from a particular place? developing the knowledge to build up a profile of the place in which your ancestor(s) appeared. We build on this knowledge throughout the course, collecting more information, using your own example or a chosen place, and helping you build research plans and search strategies. The methodology and techniques you will learn here can also be applied to your family history as a whole.

Lesson Headings:
  • * Introduction to migration studies: the history of migration in the British Isles, migration studies and factors influencing migration such as economics and transport
  • * Regional influences: community, weather, famine, conflict and economic depression
  • * Focusing on individuals: records and a research plan

Each lesson includes exercises and activities and a minimum of 1 one-hour chat session per week. See How the Courses Work.


"This has been an amazing course, it has opened up so many avenues of research that I hadn't contemplated before."

"Many thanks for a most interesting and absorbing course. I've not only learned a lot about migration and population but also strategies for tackling further research, a lot of which can be applied to any aspect of genealogical research."

Relevant Countries: England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland


Course Length: 3 weeks
Start Date:   2023
Cost: £41.00
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