One-Place Studies - Research from a New Perspective (317)

Tutor: Celia Heritage

This course teaches you the basics of organizing a one-place study. It looks at a wide array of sources, some familiar, and some less so, and it shows you how to reconstruct the lives of people within the context of a community.

The picture we build of a place as family historians is a picture of that place in relation to our ancestors. In contrast, a one place study concentrates on the history of a place in relation to all those people who have lived there through time. In a one-place study you put genealogical methods to one side yet, ironically, by doing so you will usually achieve a better understanding of your ancestors and potentially solve some of your family history problems! There are few better ways of getting under the skins of our ancestors than a serious study of where and how they lived and a one-place study is guaranteed to provide you with a much better understanding of their lives. The records used in an OPS include many that are used by genealogists - church registers, censuses, voters lists, land records, tax lists, etc - but we use them in a different way.

Learn how to carry out a one-place study and discover how an unusual perspective and a totally different use of facts about people can open your eyes to a new appreciation of the past and new solutions for your research problems.

The course is aimed primarily at English and Welsh researchers, but does cover some Scottish and Irish sources. We recommend that you have some family history research experience before you take this course, at least in civil registration, census returns and parish registers, and that you have already taken a Pharos course at the 100 or 200 level.

Lesson Headings:
  • One-place study perspective: Building the background of your OPS
  • Core Records and Methods of Research
  • Fleshing out and presenting your study

Each lesson includes exercise and activities and a minimum of 1 one-hour chat session per week. See How the Courses Work.

STUDENTS SAID "A fascinating topic that I had never properly pursued before. More than anything the course has opened up my research in all areas of my family history and has really broadened my research horizons."

Relevant Countries: England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland

Course Length: 3 weeks
Start Date:   2019
Cost: £35.99

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