Advanced Methods and Reports (482)

Tutor: Helen Osborn

This course is part of our Family History Skills and Strategies Advanced programme.

The course will be of use to amateur and professional genealogists alike. It aims to give you advanced techniques and tools as used by good genealogists to ensure they have the best possible evidence for their pedigrees and trees. We look at problems of identity and interpretation, standards for evaluation and analysis, and how to build a case for proof.

The course will also introduce the display of charts and narrative research reports, showing the conventions and standards that are used and that enable written research to be of a high scholarly standard. Students will also practise writing short research reports to a professional standard.

There is a set book for this course: H Osborn, Genealogy: Essential Research Methods (Hale, 2012)

Lesson Headings:
    Lesson One - Evidence and Proof
  • Lesson Two - Overcoming Problems in Genealogy
  • Lesson Three - Laying out Your Tree
  • Lesson Four - Writing up Your Research

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Relevant Countries: England, Wales and General

Course Length: 4 weeks
Start Date: 01 Mar 2019
Unassessed Cost: £62.00

Assessed Cost: £76.00

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