My British Isles Origins - When and How do I Cross the Pond? (931)

This 4 week course concentrates on the period from 1600 to 1830. It begins with advice on identifying your immigrant ancestor in America, supported with historical information on population movements before and after the Revolution. Sources most likely to offer clues about origins are explained and presented with research strategies.

The focus changes in the second lesson to your ancestors origins in the British Isles. The topics covered include: major migrations out; when, where from, where to; sources for searching within particular migrant groups; and, advice on searching for people who do not fit any patterns. There is also advice on how to make the best use of surname information and survey techniques. Lessons 3 and 4 look at records in England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales, discussed according to time period. The emphasis is on using Web resources and on helping you develop the skills to initiate searches after the course. You will try out online indexes, sites that lead you to sources, and finding aids that help you locate sources that may or may not be online. The course shows you how to identify and select the best records to search based on your problem, minimum information required for a search, and ease of access.

At the end of the course you will understand the challenges to be faced in "crossing the pond" and have had some practical experience such as locating places, searching online records and catalogues, and transcribing an early will.

Lesson Headings:
  • Lesson One - Preparation is Essential
  • Lesson Two - Where and How do I Venture into British and Irish Records?
  • Lesson Three - Sources, Finding Aids and Tactics 1713 - 1830
  • Lesson Four - Seventeenth Century Challenges are Good for You

Each lesson includes exercises and activities. There are no Chats with this course. See How the Courses Work.

STUDENTS SAID: This course provided me with new tactics to try, a better way to approach 17th century genealogy, great course notes and bibliography. Most importantly, it made me aware of my ignorance about British history and geography!

Relevant Countries: USA, England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland

Course Length: 4 weeks
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Cost: $50
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