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Together we want to help you become a better genealogist. We can't promise that you will find all those elusive ancestors. That's up to you. But we can promise that one of our courses will equip you with the know-how to expand your family tree accurately and quickly.

Helen Osborn & Sherry Irvine, London, 2007
Helen Osborn & Sherry Irvine
London, 2007

Pharos are specialists in online genealogy education. Our teachers are professional genealogists and archives professionals with many decades of teaching experience. Originally established in 2006, by Helen Osborn a professional genealogist from England, and Sherry Irvine in Canada, one of the world's top experts in educating genealogists, thousands of people have now enjoyed one of our courses.

With an online course in genealogy, it is not where you live that makes a difference, it's what you want to learn. Study in your own time, enjoying the assistance of an expert tutor and interaction with fellow students.  Courses are short and reasonably priced, based around interesting topics and fascinating records.  Start your journey today.

Meet Our Tutors

Helen Osborn
Helen Osborn

We are all experienced researchers and teachers, and we enjoy sharing our tips and strategies. We can help you search more effectively and accomplish more in less time. Most of all, we are enthusiasts, and do our best to help you have fun and increase your research success.

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