Discovering Your British Family and Local Community in the early 20th Century (210)

Tutor: Janet Few

Family historians often neglect the twentieth century as being ‘not really history’ but there is plenty to be discovered about individuals and the communities in which they lived between 1900 and 1945. Twentieth century research brings with it the difficulties of larger and more mobile populations as well as records that are closed to view. This course sets out to provide advice for finding out about our more recent ancestors and the places in which they lived.

The course will enable you to discover your early twentieth century ancestors, their communities and their era, by suggesting sources and research methods that will help you to learn more about them and understand the context for their lives. This course will also be of interest to those undertaking one-place studies as well as family historians.

Lesson Headings:
  • Understanding the early 20th century
  • Sources for Family History Research 1
  • Sources for Family History Research 2
  • The Community, Building a Local Picture
  • The Bigger Picture, 20th century themes

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Relevant Countries: England, Wales

Course Length: 5 weeks
Start Date: 28 Jan 2020
Cost: £49.99

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