First Steps to a One-Place Study (241)

Tutor: Janet Few

One-place studies are a fascinating blend of local and family history. They are frequently undertaken by family historians wanting to create a context for their ancestors. Through a one-place study, you can investigate the friends, neighbours and associates with whom your family may have interacted and you can begin to understand the community in which they lived.

This course is designed for those who are just starting on their one-place journey and for more experienced one-placers who would like guidance or inspiration, or who are seeking a more organised approach to their study. It will also be suitable for those who may not want to undertake a full-blown one-place study but who wish to investigate an ancestral area in more detail. There is some focus on British sources but the techniques described should be applicable to studies world-wide.

AIM: To enable you to begin to undertake a one-place study, by suggesting methods, sources and techniques that will enhance your understanding of a community and the people within it.

This course complements the Pharos Discovering Your British Family and Local Community in the early 20th Century course. There are some minor overlaps in the records and techniques discussed.

Lesson Headings:
  • Steps 1-3: Choosing and Discovering your Place and its People
  • Step 4: Data Collection 1 - Using more Common Sources (oral testimony, diaries and memoirs; photographs; vital records of birth, marriage and death; gravestones, newspapers, directories and gazetteers, censuses)
  • Step 4: Data Collection 2 - Further Sources (tax lists, records of land ownership, records of education and occupation, records relating to the movement of people, records of local government)
  • Steps 5 and 6: Connecting and Analysing your Data
  • Steps 7-9: Putting your Findings in Context and Publicising your Study

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Course Length: 5 weeks
Start Date: 02 Sep 2020
Cost: £49.99

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