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Practicalities of a One Name Study (903)

Guild of One Name Studies
Tutor: Julie Goucher

This new course for 2020 sits between the existing two one-name and surname study courses: Introduction to One-Name Studies (901) and Advanced One-Name Studies (902) and focusses on the practical elements of running a study.

The course is designed to enable students to explore the practical steps of maintaining and developing their one-name study through a variety of media and to give some context to the various considerations they will need to explore.

It is expected that students for this course will already have a one-name study or surname study registered, or will have identified a surname to register and begin working upon. They will be familiar with the material covered by Introduction to One-Name Studies (901) and will have begun to collect data, or be at the stage where they are considering the options and would like further guidance.

Lesson Headings:
  • * Understanding and making the best use of spreadsheets in your study
  • * Genealogical Software, what to consider
  • * (Reading week)
  • * Online Trees and other software
  • * The next steps: Preservation and Sharing

The course is delivered over five weeks, but contains 4 lessons, with a week's break for practice purposes taking place between weeks two and three. There is a minimum one-hour chat each week, including the practice week.

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STUDENTS SAID: "Julie Goucher is an inspirational tutor and she provided a wealth of helpful information for this course. I thoroughly enjoyed her obvious passion and enthusiasm for Genealogy/One Name Studies and her generosity in sharing her vast store of knowledge. This course was exactly what I needed to understand how a ONS works and what options there are to take into consideration when embarking on a study."

There are three set books for this course:

Seven Pillars, Guild of One-Names Studies
Surname Research, Julie Goucher
Andrew Todd, Family History Nuts and Bolts: Problem Solving through Family Reconstitution Techniques , Allen & Todd, Lancashire, 3rd edition, 2015

The first two of these will be supplied in pdf format at the start of the course. Students are asked to obtain a copy of the Andrew Todd book before the course starts, available from various online bookshops including Amazon and Family History Books Online.

Relevant Countries: England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales

Course Length: 5 weeks (4 lessons)
Start Date: 07 Mar 2023
Cost: £54.00

Start Date: 05 Sep 2023
Cost: £54.00

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